Sonja Bradley


Sonja Bradley is experienced and gets personal satisfaction in seeing her clients succeed. It's why she started her practice to begin with – to give clients the opportunity to work with an attorney who knows the law, has an open mind for details surrounding her clients' cases and understands what it's like to trust in the court system to help close disputes. She also knows how scary that can be.

People around you can impose changes on your life for which you were not prepared, and this means you should be represented and defended for the time and money you lose due to the choices of others. An experienced attorney with a record of success can help you overcome life’s interruptions and get you and your family back to normal.   

Life is not easy. Call our Hammond or Livingston, Louisiana office today to share your story and hire an attorney who truly cares about the law and you. You can count on Sonja to listen, to plan and to represent you. She doesn't just stand at your side; she stands with you. From educating you on your actions before court to understanding mediation to avoid it, Sonja is there at every step.


" If you're looking for the determine very outgoing energetic lawyer that will get Justice and that will fight she's the best I couldn't honestly think of another person better than her she knows their stuff and she's always on a game she's the best without a doubt so if anyone's looking for the best lawyer in the state of Louisiana she is great. " - Kimberly

" We used Sonja for my husband to adopt my son. We love how helpful and understanding she was to our situation. We were able to complete everything in a timely manner." - Jessica


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